Quantum Resonance Technologies

Has anyone but me tried this product?
Some months ago after arranging the large consortium of exhibiting companies at this Years CES, (while President of Von Schweikert) I met the Quantum folks.
I became interested in their products even though the literature is woefully inadequate.
Bill, was so terrific and helpful while the room was being set up, I could tell he was straight up.
When I got back home he sent me the "Box unit" the RT 800 which has hospital grade plugs, and the QRT device inside.
My system, as some know, is the Halcro Amps, Preamp, and the Sound Labs. I happen to have a Mits Diamond HD TV in that same room.
After hooking the QRT up, taking Bill's advice, I waited a couple of hours to make a comparison. The subjective findings were fairly remarkable, and consistent with their claims. The very first thing I noticed, was the clarity, focus, lack of noise, and stronger color drive in the High Def Television. Similar audio improvements were immediately evident. Since I am an industry insider I wondered what level of the placebo effect was taking place, even though I was SURE that I saw what I saw, and heard what I heard.
I was even more surprised after what happened two nights ago.
I was fiddling around changing channels and inputs, and thought that I noticed that the menu looked 'washed out' from what it normally looked like. The richness of color was less, and the noise greater. At first I just assumed that it was 'a bad night' and maybe it was me, or I was not in the mood, and so on. Then I remembered that a major thunder storm had rolled through the area earlier that day, and surged the electricity, causing the computer to reset, and so on.
I looked behind the TV to make sure that the unit was still working, (the unit is a pass through)so the electricity was still flowing, but the 'transmitter' noticiable by the blue light, which pulses, WAS OFF!
I turned it back on and twenty minutes later, the menu on the tv, the tv, the Halcro and Sound Labs ALL, were back to snuff.
So much for 'the placebo effect'. I am now unbelieveably glad that this little line surge showed me with such clarity that this Quantum piece works like a champ.
Does anyone else have this kind of event.
Keep in mind this is not a 'line purifier' in the classic sense. I works in a completely different and some would say highly suspect way. The product is (as is Bruce Candy's amp) done rather secretly, so as not to give away competive advantages. Seeing and hearing this work SO WELL really was gratifying. If you want information go to www.quantumqrt.com to learn less than you want to know, but enough to get interested.
Thanks for selling me this thing Bill!! I really do love it!
Wow, everyone tried to answer at the same time, blocking the system....
Have owned the Electraclear for about 8 years, recently added Quantum Symphony, both great devices, only trick is finding outlet where they work best, the best outlet might be in next room...both of these items are field effects devices and take a while to develop full effect once plugged in.
"...while President of Von Schweikert..."
I also use the QRT Electroclears on the unused outlets in my listening room.
I use a Symphony Pro that needs to be placed at the opposite side of my house from my system(45'). I get teriffic clarity gains from this little gem but a little goes a long way. Having the Symphony Pro any closer gives me a headache from it's intense brightness. Plus the fact that I shut the little sucker off for home theater because of it's overpowering affects on the video. Bottom line, for audio, the Symphony Pro (in the right amount) is a must have for me. Regards, Robin
Yes I have a Symphony Pro in my system and I just don't understand. Here at A'gon I've read Audiophiles in these pages wax on about this upgrade, and that mod, or this tweak usually costing thousands of dollars with little to no cost to performance ratio. Bill at Quantum Resonance Technology offers the Symphony Pro for $500.00, you install it on your rack, plug it into the wall and let in warm up at least thirty minutes and prepare yourself to have your jaw drop. Forget about natural timbre, pinpoint soundstage both deeper and wider, better inner detail, lower noise floor, vividness without being bright, better sense of timing, the Symphony Pro does it all in spades, however; its biggest strength is that it just feels right. Piano, guitar, drums, horns, voices they all feel right. If your serious about the music, it' a must have. IMO