Quantum Products Symphony Pro

I was first introduced to this product at 2006 CES, where they installed in my listening room for a few days. I noticed an immediate improvement in the sound quality. More smooth and natural. More ambience. I also actually had people that were unaware of the device come in the room and state that they "felt good" in there. I can only explain that it enhances the listening experience in a visceral way.

I was sceptical at first as was my wife and concerned about possible hazards, but after some bench testing and exposure to X-Ray film, I am convinced that the emissions are very low and not a hazard to human health. I wish I knew how this thing works. All I know is that it does work.


Steve N.
I just looked at their stuff yesterday for the first time. An endorsement from you, Steve, does a lot to overcome my skepticism. What are these things emitting exactly?
I have this thing as well....damn sure works. One of the better tweaks out there.
I borrowed one from a friend. When I had to give it back, my system sounded broken. It is the only power conditioning product I have heard that I did not see any obvious downside.
I am 'the friend' above. I have two of them, and they aren't going anywhere...
I'm having a bit of a Clever Little Clock deja vu.

Can anyone explain what's the difference between the various products they
offer? Why the Symphony Pro instead of the RT800 or the regular Symphony.
The Website is not exactly wonderful in this or any other regard.
I think it is a 20MHz 100mW emission, but it may also affect the power line. I have to try some battery experiements to determine this.
Geoff Kait is high on QRT. ;O)
You think? Same thing?
I have two "Pro" versions in the same system. Take them out, and you won't like what you hear...
Bump. I purchased a used one here a year ago. I gave it much time in and out of my system and experimented with different placements and upgraded power cords.
I could not detect any discernible effect. It was also tried in two other well regarded systems with the same outcome. I do not disbelieve other's findings....

Are you putting yours up for sale? If so, please let me know as I may be interested.
I found that different cords clearly changed the effect, and could descern thw characteristic of the cord making the sound brighter or warmer etc.

It.does have an effect with better seperation and more naturalness.