Quantum Base QB4/8 vs. PS Audio Dectet

I wasn't sure where this thread belongs to, so asking this in amp/pre-amp forum as it has the most visitors.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone use Quantum Base QB4/8 and what their impressions are. I currently have PS Audio Dectet (Power Port Premier receptacle on wall and PS Audio AC-12 pc from wall to Dectet) and have all my gears plugged into it. Dectet is my first power product and yes, it makes quite a significant difference in my system.

Or I'd be better off getting a power conditioner or re-generator? And what would be your recommendation? I do not have a dedicated line (thinking of moving to a new house soon, so that will have to come later).
I have the Qb4 connected to a dedicated line. It works very well, but I may sell it to get the Qb8 since I now need 6 outlets. The preamp always gets plugged into the primary earth and the other components go where ever.