Quanten Stecker


I had been using

Quanten Stecker

for almost 20 years.

After being back to my home again, I found sound somewhat lifeless and lacks soundstage depth.

Then I found that I took "Quanten Stecker" out while changing regular receptacle to Acme silver receptacle on March 19th.

After inserting Quanten Stecker back to the receptacle, my system sound lively with clear soundstage depth..

I had it connected it all the time.

But after taking it out by chance, I realize how much difference it makes in my system.

Of course all the tweaks are system dependent, so you never know until you try it yourself in your system.

From the manufacturer ...

"The HiFi-Tuning quantum-connector was developed after many investigations and experiments. The principle comes from the quantum research.

In the quantum-type plug has two electronic circuits are integrated, one with lower and one with a high frequency. The result is a very analog sound. The bass sounds fuller and continues downward.

Also the (video) screen is sharper and the contrast increases. For best results, we recommend that you plug the quantum plug in a free outlet near its plant and about 30 to 60 minutes to wait.

This one is an excellent value at 200 euro.

In US, Cable company is selling it at 350$.

Other member can try it.

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