Quality Vintage Speakers - What to do?

Vintage quality Acousti-Craft Speakers and McIntosh separates. The speaker cabinets (Heritage Symphony) have incredible JBL 175DLH (tweeter ? you should see pics of these, google them), 130A woofers, and N1200 X-overs. Mint condition as well as the cabinetry. Just takes up too much room (circa 1960)
Likewise the McIntosh tuner and Preamp in console with Garrard turntable & Sony reel to reel.
Hate to strip cabinets and components out, but realistically, anyone have any suggestions on what to do with the speakers? The vintage Mac gear is an easy sell.
Took a little time but found a buyer for a pair of deceased father-in-law's vintage Bozak's. Found a buyter that assumed all his 60's McIntosh 240's, Preamp, Tuner, reel to reel, turntables etc.
Any suggestions?