Quality tube amp below $1k?

I am already the owner of a jolida 302b. A much loved used model, but old. I am in the market for something comparable for about the same price. Jolida.net has a 303 model which is not a major sonic improvement over the 302BRC for $799 shipped. That seems like a great deal. Am I correct? Or are there alternatives in that price range? I shop now and then on here and rarely see anything similar to that but perhaps I'm overlooking something. Thoughts?
One name....Decware.
If you're thinking Jolida (or the like), why not see if Walter at Underwood HiFi can help?

I just realized I posted this in the wrong forums but thanks for responding. Decware is way out of my range. The jolida is $800 for 50 WPC.
Look at the Cayin line, great sound, great value.
Cayin definitley. There is also Ming Da MC34, Onix SP3, Shuguang S8MK, various Consonance models, Vista Audio EL34, various Dared models and Antique Sound Labs. Out of those the Cayin seems to be the most well regarded.
Agree with Bwp. As long as you mention vendors call Stephen Monte a favorite vendor of mine he has a number of good amps for under 1K.
Are you considering new only, or is used OK. There is a ton of great stuff available for under $1K.

Can you be more specific re: your requirements: power amp only or integrated? Integrated phoino stage or no? PP or SET? Power rating? Remote?
Integrated. Tube. I listen to rock mostly. I'm open to used for sure. Thanks.
What is everyone's opinion of Dared? The 130 is in my price range. 20 WPC less than what I've currently got.
check out Grant Fidelity A-328 amp. And they are having a Christmas sale right now!
I thought the Dared amps I've owned were very good for the money. The 2A3 SET that puts out 8W could power 90 dB/W speakers respectably.
Look into Jasmine audio. They largely fly under the radar in the US, but offer some very killer sound both for the dollar and in absolute terms.
It's impossible to offer a useful recommendation without knowing the speakers that will be mated along with their sensitivity and impedance specs.
An older pair of paradigm mini monitors:

Driver complement: Two-way, 6.5" M-ICP woofer, 1" H-PTD dome tweeter
Sensitivity: 92dB (in-room), 89dB (anechoic)
Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
Frequency response: 70Hz–20kHz +/-2dB; low-frequency extension: 43Hz (DIN)
Recommended amplifier power: 15W to 100W
Finishes: rosenut, black ash, wenge, and cherry
Matching Speaker Stand: S-26, J-29 (sold separately)
Dimensions: 13 1/8" x 7" x 11 3/16"
What is lacking in the 302B and what are you looking to gain with a different amp?
The 302 has some issues. Mainly my tuner inputs need repair. I also feel like the 302 has less power than I want. I've also got the itis and about $900 burning a hole in my pocket. I've also thought about upgrading my speakers but I don't think I can get much for under $900. Jolida is offering me an 801 for about $970 or a 502 for about $740. So I'm toting with the notion of up grading. I don't have any real urgent NEEDS.
The extra 20wpc the 801 offers over the 302B doesn't justify making a change, IMO.

You're on the right track by considering putting your upgrade money into better speakers.
What might you recommend for a guy who likes to listen to rock and jazz, has infant twins, uses a music hall 2.1 w/grado cart, jd9, and the jolida amp? I included I can't twins because if there is a particularly durable recommendation that might be good to know.
Jolida has offered the 801 at over a 50% discount with customer service and warranty in US. Would it be silly to turn down an offer like this? I can always upgrade speakers later. Thoughts?
Not making a recommendation good or bad based on sound (this is subject to personal preference), but you might take a look at the Zu Audio "Omen" Standard. $1049. 60 day home trial. They will work well with your 302B amp.
Quicksilver: Excellent USA made gear, first rate customer support, and you can occaisonally find on the used market in the $1K range. A few years back, I bought a pair of Silver Monos for $900. I still have them.
Good luck!