Quality Transport for my Dac

I have a PS Audio Directstream Dac. Looking for advice on a good /Quality Transport to match it.
Looking to spend 1-2 grand, I have the 1s2 hdmi cable. Do not think i need to spend more. Advice Please 
Quality Transport for my Dac

The  PS Audio PerfectWave Disc Transport is your perfect choice. If you can't afford it then get a Cambridge Audio CXC transport.

Cheers George
+1 George. Except no DSD.
Guess the newer ps transport that was discontinued has dsd
That Cambridge does not support 1s2 hdmi?
Check out the Pro-ject CD Box RS2 transport. Steve Guttenberg has a video review of it over on his YouTube channel:

It's more than what you want to spend (about $700+) but Steve says it bests the Jay's Audio transports that everyones been raving about.
Here's more info:

All the best,
Nonoise: Puting the original ps transport against the project which would you consider
The big question is do you need DSD? Will you be playing SACDs?

No sacd but might want to start to stream?
@fruitloopsr , Sorry, but I haven't heard either. 
Having said that, I'm not into streaming and have been following the press on the Pro-ject transport and if it were me, I'd give the Pro-ject a serious look. But then, that's me. 🤔

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@fruitloopsr  I own the PS Audio PWT memory player. I'm very pleased with it's Redbook playback. Music is realistic and dynamic.

The Directstream DAC will stream if you install the Bridge II.

+1 George. Except no DSD.
Do you really want dsd or sacd. Your not going to find one that outputs sacd in spidf digital stream to your dac.
 The only one I know of that did was the very 1st PlayStation, and you needed a modded lead to get it out.
Just get it because it a great Redbook CD transport.

Cheers George
I have the bridge II Just bought dac from ps when they had sale around the holiday Traded the original but did not look to stream yet. I have the Perfectwave Transport Original Just thought something better since its a few years old.
Seems to be a great setup. And you get to use I2S.

The Jay's Audio transport is getting a lot of raves. It has AES output.

fruitloopsr,  In audio there’s always something better. However The original Perfect Wave transport is excellent (Redbook CD)  in my opinion and won’t be easy to beat. It is one of P
.S.Audio’s better products and has stood the test of time. I don’t doubt that the Project or Jay’s CD transport are fine choices either.


Sounds like i might keep it. I do not have any redbook cds Just need to learn to stream.Never done before Guess im strapped. Will have to look at posts for that. I guess better will cost $$$
Thankx, Mike
Have not done much research on cables but i hear the 1s2 is best that is why i only use that
I used I2S between my PWT and an older PSA dac and preferred this interface. I tried S/PDIF coax, but had to roll a lot of cables until I found one as good as the I2S.
After looking around ,think i will keep the Pwt and look for a streamer 
Any thoughts on just a streamer for the Ps Audio DS Dac under 3 grand.