Quality toslink cable

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Friends: Just bought a Samsung 4K TV. Only toslink out.
I'm running a NAD 390 DD - Def Tech Mythos ST - Syn. Research element tungsten. (a decent TV system me thinks).
BUT; I have NO experience with toslink cables, and what to expect.
And it's difficult to find good advice on the net.
Can any of you help me ?

Best regards Ola
...Just purchased a Wireworld Supernova toslink cable from Ron at Liquid HiFi in Charlotte, NC.

This toslink uses multiple glass fibers (not the common plastic) and works well between my Oppo 105 and Rega DAC.

I like it...
I've compared several types and grades of Toslink cables. I could not hear any difference between multi-glass or inexpensive OEM heavy monofilament line. So skepticism is warranted. Keep in mind, it's transmitting digital via light (1s and 0s) or it's not. There's no in-between as with electrical signals.