Quality streaming for newbie

Old timer here. I’ve been semi stalking pages trying to gain insight. I’m looking for a streaming setup with CD quality playback. I understand compression 100% as I subscribe to Apple Music. I’m interested in the bare essentials,equipment wise,to achieve a better signal. From what I’ve gathered a quality DAC is where the bulk of my budget should be spent on. Any & all suggestions/advice are truly appreciated.
I use Bluesound, not very expensive for streaming and has a built in DAC that can be bypassed with a DAC of your choice.
I use Bluesound Node with an Ayre Codex DAC. Not a crazy amount of money(at least buying used). Great sound quality that I don't think will disappoint you, especially if you are using Apple Music.
DAC's to consider:
Ayre Codex, Schiit Gungnir/Yggy, Mytek Brooklyn.

You are going to get lots of responses, so brace yourself..
I ended up with LUMIN based on the the quality of both hardware and software, and the sound character. But they're not on the inexpensive side of the spectrum.
Nekoaudio Lumin makes inexpensive units like the D2 which is a $2,300 dac and streamer and it is excelllent. 

We are awaiting the Brooklyn Bridge at $3k which may be really good. 

The Lumin products are superb the sound quality and the app are top rate and they are always adding new features. 

We are a dealer for both Mytek and Lumin and a lot of other digital front ends.

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I think the OP has to tell us his budget before this thread is meaningful.
Great point n80!
I’d like to stay under 2k but $2500 max.

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I just picked up the BlueSound Vault 2i and it is awesome .  I set it up around 6 and have been listening all night....  through speakers and now through headphones as it is past midnight.  Sound quality is great, even better through my M51 DAC.  

Other than ripping CD's it has the same feature set as the Node 2i.   I have wanted one of these for a while and it was worth every penny.  It tool about 5 minutes to set up, is easy to use , and works flawlessly. 
@griff69 well the LUMIN U1 Mini is a pure streamer at USD $2000. Or as audiotroy mentioned there is the D2 at USD $2300 which has a built-in DAC for analog outputs. So if the D2's DAC stage sounds good to you, you can get both a streamer and DAC within your price range.

And you could always use a different DAC later while still benefiting from the D2's streaming software and hardware by using its digital outputs.

If you want to use AirPlay (for Apple Music) then there are dozens of products to choose from as almost every mainstream consumer brand has released products with AirPlay support. It really comes down to the user experience and differences in sound quality.

If you can play around with the apps or watch online videos of the different user interfaces, that might help. Although if your only intent is to use AirPlay that may not be an issue.
I’m using a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MK2 with a Mac Mini and they sound heavenly together for streaming purposes.
Are we talking Naim ND555 ($33k) or a MAC Mini and a budget DAC, what do you mean by quality? 
If read the OP correctly he or she wants to upgrade their sound with a DAC, still play CDs and investigate streaming.  What I am unclear about is whether the OP currently has a useable CD player.  If so, and if it has digital outs, then it can be used as a transport, and then 
the OP only needs a DAC and a streamer.
  If the OP needs the whole shebang—CD replay, DAC, streamer, CD ripper—examine Cocktail Audio.  They make a range of units within the budget and I haven’t heard them but they get generally high marks.  Some come with amplification.
  If the OP already has a CDP and a ripper, then within budget could either purchase a pure DAC with a streamer separate or an all in one.  Investigate DACs from Benchmark, Schiit, Mytek, and consider
adding a streamer such as the Bluesound Node.  Companies such as Auralic and Aureender are now issuing streamer DACs in the budget.
  If the OP isn’t fully convinced about streaming they could dip their toe in the water with Google Chrome Cast, which is inexpensive and well liked by many people.  Coupled with a good DAC, it might satisfy their needs for a long time, and the OP can always upgrade later.