Quality recordings that make you want to dance

Many audiophile recordings seem to be aimed at our more intellectual side. What are the recordings that make you want to dance, yet don't leave you feeling like something is missing sonically? I'm looking for recordings that you feel have that kind of immediate connection where you find that you can't help but start moving to the music. Any genre welcome. Your thoughts?
Only average to good recordings, George Thorogood's "Anthology" or "Live in Atlanta" make me want to ROCK & ROLL like when I was 15-- needs lusty volume and good bass ;>) Cheers. Craig
Los Super Seven, either of their CDs. I cannot sit while listening, and I also can't stop shrieking "AY! AY! AY!" These are both great recordings too. I think I shriek more to the second one than the first.
You wanna dance? You wanna have fun?
I didn't think that was allowed. You must listen critically! You must sit between your speakers with your head locked in the sweet spot and agonize over what your system is or is not doing "right".
As an aside to the above, I would suggest the Soundtrack to the movie "Flashdance". It is, unfortunately, the only recording I know of that meets your criteria and I'm not sure it is still readily available.
James Taylor Quartet - "Extended Play" EP. Great sound, great music.

Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (remaster not such bad sound quality). Burn baby burn !

Joe_b ... nice irony. The equipment threads are getting too nerdy and competitive, I'm going to limit myself to music threads from now on. That's what it's all about, after all.
For me,
Doors - Morrison Hotel
Talking Heads - all of 'em.
Lords of Acid - Voodoo-U, the funnest album ever,
and too many butt-rock albums to list.
Macy Gray- The Id
Given my congenital 2 left feet, I don't dance, but I do tap my toes. If I could, Medeski, Martin and Wood's "Combustication" would be adequate inducement.
Dancing is probably a tall order for this crowd, but Galactic has several CDs that are excellent sounding and make me want to move to the music. -Kirk