Quality receiver for DTS and stereo?

I'm looking for a receiver (up to $800 new, or $500 used) that would give me quality stereo sound, but would also allow for great expandability to accommodate future formats. I've been using seperates for so long, I've basically lost track of the one-piece receiver market. Does anyone have experience with a quality unit of this type? Even if it's something more expensive than the prices I quoted at the top, I'm willing to consider something pricier...I'd just wait a little while to buy it once I'd saved up more money. As always, thanks so much for your help and guidance.
I picked up the NAD T761 in April... it sounds fantastic in both DTS and stereo.
My only gripe is the learning remote that comes with the system should have been much better.
outlaw audio 1050
i am convinced this is one of the best receivers ever
499$ new.....www.outlawaudio.com