quality RCA and XLR connectors

I am looking for suggestions as to the highest quality brands of male RCA connectors and XLR panel mount connectors, as well as good sources for the connectors you recommend. . Thanks in advance for your assistance.
I just made a number of sets of ICs using Bocchino's RCA connectors. They are among the best I have ever heard, if not the best. Unfortunately, they are not cheap and the shrinking dollar has made it worse. His newest ones are compression and sound significantly better than any soldered RCA I have ever heard.

Before trying his top of the line (probably now over $400 each/$800 for a SINGLE pair for one IC or $1600 for a complete set), make sure your amp can accommodate their massive size. Most can't. Fortunately, he has smaller and less expensive ones that are still incredible.
I agree with Wwshull. After Bocchino, the second best would be certainly be the the Xhadow, at least that's what many believe.