Quality Pressings

Bought the new Getz/Gilberto 45RPM reissue from Quality Records today. Would appreciated any comments about any of their other recordings. Would like to thank Quality Records for a job well done, an excellent recording, its not often a company put this much effort and care to produce a product. Happy Holidays.
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I purchased the Dick Hyman from the Age of Swing; a Reference Recording along with the Firebird Suite from Reference. Tea for the Tillerman; Oscar Peterson's "We Take Requests" and Muddy Water's "Folk Singer". All are superb. Chad has the most advanced pressing facility in the world per Michael Fremer. I can't wait for the future releases; expensive for sure, but pressed beautifully.
I bought the 45rpm Dick Hyman also,very pleased with it,just one or two bad grooves for a split second,but excellent otherwise.I'm thinking about the firebird also but like analog classical LP's better.Even on the 45 Hyman I can hear significantly better soundfield and reach on a 33 rpm analog standard Lp.
Hi I have "we get requests," "Tea for tillerman" and "firebird"

Very nice. Like Super very nice. I'm buying more for sure....
My "Tea for the Tillerman" came extremely dished. Sent it back and asked them to inspect the replacement. It arrived warped enough that even when clamped it is disconserting when gently lowering the cartridge. So much for getting one inspected.