Quality Preamp's with HT-Pass Thru capability?

Have a great HT set up with MLogan's and ss amp's Bryston/Frt and Anthem MCA50 Surr/rears..Using a Anthem MCA20 Pre/Pro. Want a Hi End preamp to kick up the stereo front end with out splitting the system, therefore a preamp with a pass thru. Just auditioned a Placette and it was ok...anyother suggestions..budget 1500-1800$.

Thanks to all..i'm sure someone else has asked this before...;))
Audio Research LS 16 tube preamp-has built in pass through. Newest edition is Mark II. I got mine (Original edition) used and am very pleased with it. Reviews can be found at www.ecoustics.com and audioreview.com.

Good luck.
odyssey has a new on made for such applications-its not on the web pages yet you have to call klaus.317-299-5578
Blue Circle will either add a passthru to your existing BlueCircle preamp or sell you a new one with pass thru.
Any of the SF Line series preamps will fit very well into your system. Used prices from about $1000 and up. Service still provided by Anthem/SF.
I know this may be a dumb question, but I'm very interested in finding out how what's being discussed here would be done - I, too, am interested in creating a quality HT/Music system... In short, would the quality pre, discussed above, pass-thru an analog or digital signal? I ask this since it seems that most proc'rs are best when used with digital inputs, and that most quality pre's deal mainly with analog... or am I mistaken?
Classe CP-60.