Quality of "Classic Jazz" CD by Sony

I saw this one on bn.com. It is a 3-CD set of great jazz titles such as:
- Milestones by Miles Davis Quintet
- Stardust by Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
- Take Five & Blue Rondo a la Turk by Dave Brubeck Quartet
- Summertime by Sarah Vaughan
- Besame Mucho by Bill Evans
and much more. The price is only $13.98 before discount.
The songs above alone worth the price of admission. But I don't know the quality of recording. Anyone has it and what is your opinion? How is its quality compared to, say, "Time Out" by Dave Brubeck Quartet?
How can the mfg. that helped invent the CD and SACD..that then buys Columbia, put out such poor sounding software?

Every time I have bought a Sony/Columbia re-issue CD/SACD, even the early "Gold 20Bit" ones..they were always very unusual in their mix..and always bass shy. The re-issue of the CTI Paul Desmond and the Live Baker/Mulligan are poorer than the original CTI CDs and, of course, the LPs are even better.

With Sony in control of sooo much music, it would be good if they could hire someone like Steve Hoffman or Doug Sax, or someone to handle these re-issues!

Please Sony...get pro to do this!
sony music CDs sound terrrrible.
$13.98 is probably 3x price it realy should be.
i never buy sony CDs for more than $2 at clearance baskets. i'm sure you'll see them pretty often at tower records.
i would go for it if i have a hard time to find it original or on other than sony labels.
please note that for jazz if you buy concord, GRP or ECM you might end-up with more superior sound from regular CD than from sony SACD.