Quality of Power Question

I live in a metropolitan area. I recently added an Equitech 2Q balanced power unit to my system in hopes of correcting the wild fluctuations I experience in sound quality at different times of the day, with the evenings being significantly better, Sunday evenings being the peak.

After adding the Equitech, the peak hours are significantly better than anything I've heard in my room before. Unfortunately, it seems like the typically worst hours of the day (2PM to 7PM) sound even worse than before.

For the record, I already have a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be going on? Any suggestions? Unfortunately, my technical knowledge is pretty limited, so you'll need to keep tech language to a minimum. Thanks.
Do you live in a condo, apartment or house? Do you live around families or in an adult community? Do you have kids?Do you have a computer or other motorized equipment like your refrigerator on the same line as your stereo system? Do you have a power conditioner for your computer?

Residencial power usage peaks in the am 5 to 9 and again around 2 to 7 pm M-F. kids & parents coming home from school and work they use thier computers and game machines, the power can get dirty with noise.
Commercial power usage peaks for the most part from 5am to 9pm Monday through Saturday. Minumum on Sundays.

Could a mix of both or not.

I would see if you can borrow a PS Audio Noise Harvester from a local dealer just to see if it helps, it did help a friend of mine.

I am not sure if any of these issues are whats causing your problem but they could.
I have poor power in my area..Lots of ups and downs in voltage are the cause...I added a voltage regulator and the problem was solved.My voltage stays at a steady 120volts....Constant great sounding music...Furman,Monster,PS Audio,APC are some brand names of voltage regulators.
Hevac, The Equitech is plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I live in a residential area of a mid-sized city. The airport is less than three miles away and there are industrial areas about the same distance,

Dgordonl, There's a meter on the front of the Equitech which read voltage in and voltage out. Typically, it looks like the voltage in is between 119 and 121, and voltage out is between 122 and 124. I don't know it that tells you anything.
Follow up: I replaced the stock power cord that comes with the Equitech with a solid core power cable from JPS Labs (the Power AC+). This took care of the problem, and some. Right out of the box, very musical, non-fatiguing, more detail, more authoritative. Should improve over the next week.