Quality of construction on some speakers- namely Harbeth

I have been doing, the what I am sure is impossible, looking for a great consencus speaker to try.  Because of my tinnitus and some suggestions- I am looking at cloth or other soft tweeters that emphasis mid range.  Harbeth and quite a few other BBC sound speakers are highly thought of and seem to fit my needs.  While looking at used speakers out there, I couldn't help but notice that besides being a lot of ham handed owners, a lot of these box speakers are coming apart at the the corners and their veneers are cracking.  My question is, English moist country made and then living in drier climates doom these to seperating or is it just knocking them over causing it?
Look at a great speaker Magico,Vimberg or Rockport much better sound and construction quality.
BBC speaker philosophy tends toward thin-walled cabinets. So that could be a factor. I have a pair of Spendor SP2 with me for 34 years and saw me thru a bunch of apartments and girlfriends. And there is not a scratch on them. So, yeah, clumsy ownership is the deal.
Separation?? I haven’t noticed any speakers exhibiting this issue in all my browsing of dozens of listings. Nor have I read of anyone experiencing this problem in all my years on the forums. 

I suspect you’re mistaking pics of chipped corners for separation. 

 I’ve owned my Spendors for four years now and the veneer is as good as new. My Stirlings were manufactured in 2012 and they’re also in mint condition.