Quality music labels

I know Chesky produces some exceptional recordings, but most are not my cup of tea. Are there any other such labels known for their high production recordings, or are the recordings basically left up to the individual artist?
Thanks for all the info. Those labels should keep me hunting for awhile. Let the games begin.
After I made my 2nd post, I pulled out some CD's to listen to while working on the computer, and realized that I had forgotten to mention a jazz label that I've grown to like quite a bit: OmniTone. They have a small but very nice catalog, and all of the releases I've purchased have excellent audio quality. One of the recent releases was a Grammy nominee.

Their Web address is: www.omnitone.com
Very good observation Whatjd regarding the Telarc Label.
This label has produced consistently muddy sonics and lackluster upper treble , robbing the music of the sparkle that captures the excitement of live.
Regardless of their huge cult status, and overwhelming popularity, MFSL, seems to have done the same thing on a majority of releases. This quality, we'll call it thickish, is, in its own way, just as annoying as the "tear your head off" thin and bright school of recordings...Just my view......Frank
Somebody mentioned in another thread that "mapleleaf" (?) produces very good recordings. But I couldn't find any information about that label any more. Does any one know the label?
Aliu, I've not heard of mapleleaf...but there is a lable called MapleShade.