Quality Linn Artikulat speakers?

Linn has not so long ago introduced the Artikular loudspeakers. They can be operated fully active with internal amplifiers, which appeals to me for the compactness of the entire setup. Passive operation is also possible. Has anyone listened to these speakers?

I wonder what your experience is and how do the passive/active modes compare? Since the loudspeakers are 4-way and 5-way systems, a fully active system requires many amplifier channels. I wonder whether this is worth the higher price?

Thanks for posting your experiences.

I have heard of these new speakers, but didn't know they were powered by internal amps.... if this is the case, why would you ever buy them for passive use or do you now put amp modules into the speakers to go active??

I agree with you, this type of design would make the logistics of an active system easier... I currently run a fully active AV51 system and I can attest to the problems of wiring this typre of system!!

I for one find their new speakers to have far to many drivers to be reasonable to go active with... The Akurate's require a 5 channel amp per speaker plus active cards!!! For that money, you are in a wide open market.

OK... enough whining. That all said, I love my active Linn system (at least after the ~200 hours to break in the crossover cards!) the detail is better, highs are clearer and the bass extension is dramatically better. Active speakers where represented @ HE 2005 this year, and from the stir of reviewers in the room on Thursday, will be heard of again!
extra remark: yes, I understand that the speakers can optionally be fitted with internal amplifier cards. So if you want passive operation, you do not have to buy those cards.
I've heard them the last 2 years @ CES in their (Linn's) suite. Both 5-channel configuration and 2-channel setup, with the smaller and larger versions of the speakers including the stand-mount ones. It was VERY nice. Active is the way to go, as with all things LINN. The fit and finish on them is immaculate. If you can afford them, they have few equals, really.

I agree with Ed, need the bucks and I am there. What great sounding speakers. Most Linn models sounded thin in bass and somewhat piercing in highs, but the Artikulats could produce no fault that I can hear. Just that they cost more than I can muster.