Quality Interconnects for recording

HI to everyone,

Need advice. I have 1500 albums that I would like to transfer
on the Mini Discs, so I am looking for the quality
Interconnect cables or I should go with inexpensive cables.
Budget is $500.00.
I would really appreciate your opinions.
Don't spend the money for mini discs. The quality doesn't justify the expense. $500 is way too much. Entry level AQ or Kimber (or whatever you prefer), is more than enough, and probably overkill.
We don't know your source.
Entry level AQ or Kimber may not be enough. For $500, if you buy used, there are many. It's impossible to say which one will be the best overall.
If I wanted to do something like that, I would compare Mogami, Nirvana and the best Purist for up to $500 and see if it makes a difference. Probably will, the question is how much. New cables usually need 100-200 hours of burn-in time to fully open up.

I agree with Zd542. Beyond the issue of sound quality, the mini disc format's time has come and gone. When you can't find a single new mini disc player on amazon.com you know it's a technology that isn't being supported any longer by manufacturers or users. You would have spent weeks or months doing the digitization, only to have to transfer everything to a different format sometime in the near future.

I have SONY MDS-JA 555 ES Mini Disc recorder which I can
stack against any NAD, Marantz, Naim Nait CD Players.
Tested and proven. That's why I have no problem to invest the money in the quality interconnects.
Actually I borrowed some Cardas Interconnects and so far
I am getting best sound with the Cardas 300B MicroTwin.
If it sounds as good as your CD players, you most likely have a PCM dac, and not ATRAC. If you like the Cardas, you would probably like Kimber Hero, Siltech 90i, MIT AVT-1 and AQ Jaguar/Columbia.
Yeah, I dislike Cardas let alone micro twin. If you want to stay with Cardas, try to go much higher in line before you are ready to record.
Tara Labs "Luna" the newest version (7) is an absolute steal and sounds superb. Can not recommend highly enough. I've made my own Mogami 2549 cables w/Rean connectors which also sound very good, but the Tara Labs is better sounding as least in my modest system to my ears.
"10-21-15: Kotta
Tara Labs "Luna" the newest version (7) is an absolute steal and sounds superb. Can not recommend highly enough."

That cable doesn't exist. The Wireworld Luna 7 does, however.
You are absolutely correct. My apologies....Wireworld Luna 7. I must of been thinking of my other cables, Tara Labs Prism 33. Bought 2 of these .6m cables new and I think they are excellent. (Better to my ears than the 22 & 55 Prism) The WW Luna 7's are a steal. If I were to spend more than I wanted, the WireWorld Equinox's would be my next choice. For $40 1m (Luna 7) you have nothing to lose. I think you will be shocked at how good these cables are.

when considering cables/cords, go out and demo as many as you can, prior to any purchase. Take your gear w/ you or ask about an in-home loaner. Transparent or Wireworld would be excellent for your project.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
The best pick are the Cardas TwinLink Interconnects.
Yesterday I was contacted by fellow Audiogoner who suggested
to record the albums on Tascam DA-3000 Recorder. Does anybody
have any information about the recorder.