Quality In Wall Speakers

A friend is putting in a home theater system in his family room and wants to go with in wall speakers for the LR front and rears. He likes music and good sound but is no audiophile. The system will mostly be used for movies. Can anyone recommend some sanely priced speakers that would work well in this application? I heard the Joseph Audio in walls at the NYC audio show a few years back and they sounded good but I have no idea what they cost. I told my friend I would try to recommend something. Thanks.
parasound has some for reduced prices on audioadvisor. they also have a sub and eq for in wall use. i,m sure the martin logans and b and w s are good too but more expensive. lots of companies have gotten into archetectural speakers. home theatre magazine may have some reviews.

The Joseph in-wall speaks are around $2500.

Have your pal ck out Monitor Audio . Their in-wall models are typically sealed on the back side. This is important because their sound will be relatively consistent, regardless of what viod space (wall/ceiling) they are installed in.
Paradigm has three series of in wall speakers, in various price ranges. For movies, Paradigm is a good choice.

I recently heard the Wisdom speakers at Sound Components in Miami. They are pricey, but I can't imagine anything compares.

Diamond Reference series for architectural audio
is based upon innovative design elements some of which evolved from the long loved high performance Clements RT-7 floor speakers of Phil Clements.
I was going to say Wisodm as well, they do things you won't believe from in walls!
I would consider "on wall speakers" ... much easier to mount and change if you re-configure your room or do not like the sound. There were some Duntech models available here a couple days ago. Also consider models from Krell, Sonus Faber, etc
The Dayton line from Parts Express is worth mentioning, they always have good reviews on their products.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I may have him (and his wife?) convinced to try free standing speakers instead. We shall see....
Revel's in-walls are very good, and reasonably priced (Concerta line). Their Concerta B120 sub is outstanding and compact in size.