Quality IEC connectors?

I will install in my Nak Dragon. Would like excellent quality. Thanks guys. 
Nobody wants to hear this, but the truth is whatever you plan on spending on a part like the plug, you will get more for your money to buy a whole power cord. Same goes for the IEC socket in a component. Might make you feel better, but there's about a dozen things you could do for the same money that will make a whole hell of a lot more improvement- and without being a mod that might even detract from resale value.
Yeah, generally no reason to go through the nut roll of swapping that out. Plus, it WOULD degrade the value as you would have to mention it was done. To that, check Parts Connexion or VHAudio for Furutech and other IECs if you are hell bent.
I wouldn’t do it but if you must, Furutech has a wide range of products from inexpensive all the way to insane. 
My two bits worth: buy any half decent connector and spend what‘s left on Acoustic Revive‘s ECI-50. The impact of the contact enhancer applied to all signal and electrical connections far exceeds what you get from better terminations