I  am currently using a Yamaha Receiver (RX-V1) and an older OPPO DVD  player with no HDMI that uses only 5+2 analogue inputs for HT -- and would like to upgrade to take advantage of the sound quality developments of the past 15 years.  The anthem products seem to be the most attractive.  It looks like most modern receivers offer NO analogue inputs (?).

But ... I believe I recently saw a review of  a receiver in which the writer highlighted the fact that the receiver DID OFFER analogue inputs (Can't recall which brand).  

 MY QUESTION:  Is there any quality advantage in using analogue from the DVD outs to the receiver?  I realize the inconvenience necessitated by the additional remote control and the 5 (or 7) additional interconnects (I am already doing that).

Also, are there any opinions on what my asking price should be in selling the RX-V1 (pristine condition)?



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If you output analog from your disc player, you're using the digital conversion process of the player; if you output HDMI, the receiving device is doing the digital conversion.  So the answer depends on which device has the superior digital conversion process.

My Oppo 105D sends HDMI to a Bryston SP3, whereas my Esoteric SA-60 sends 5.1 analog to the SP3.  If you have a good processor, HDMI is certainly the neater choice (one cable rather than 6 or 8).
At some point in the chain the digital information must be converted to analog, so part of the question really is which has a better DAC, not which has a better connector.

In addition to the quality of the DAC, there's also the issue of room correction and speaker EQ. Even the latest Oppo's don't offer this, but DO offer integrated bass management.

So, make yourself happy, but there's no 1 answer about how to get the best sounding movies. I personally would go with the one that offers fewer wires and better room EQ.


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Thank you all.  Great perspective.
dbphd, how do you like the  Bryston Oppo combo?  I have many SACDs and am using an Oppo 105 in my two channel system.  I have been looking at the Bryston to add to the system but am unsure if this will be an improvement over the Oppo alone.
I've used the Oppo 105 and 105D directly to the amps and through the Bryson SP3 to the amps.  I prefer the sound going through the SP3.  It seems to take the etch off and provide a more musical feeling of great substance.  For multichannel, the SP3 is superb at speaker management.  But to keep things in perspective, the 105 had an MSRP a bit over $1K, the SP3 around $10K. 
I might have noted that in a secondary setup, I have a 105 going through a Cary Cinema 12, and I prefer that sound to the 105 going directly to the amps.