Quality fully automatic turntable with a removable headshell. Does this exist?

Unless I ban my kids from touching the stereo, which I don't want to do, I think I need an automatic TT.  Is there a hifi grade TT out there that is fully automatic AND has a tone arm with an interchangeable headshell?  I want to be able to switch easily between a mono and a stereo cartridge.  
Dear @varchard : This is very good TT that I owned:


here one for sale:


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Kp990 kenwood
dpxxL denon

all very good 
There are many older fully automatic Duals that can sound very good. And if for the purposes of having others use it many are fully automatic - they will play the record from rest to record end with no need to touch the tonearm.  Many also have removable cartridge mounts for switching cartridges. I have a Dual 1219 that I bought from Fix-My-Dual tha to use alongside my Prime and SL1200 that I like quite a bit.