Quality DAC with volume control - suggestions

I am looking for a reasonably priced DAC which has remote volume control. Want to eliminate preamp and associated cabling. Any suggestions? Looking in the $1000-$2000 range on the used market. Need DAC instead of CD player with volume control due to wanting to watch DVD music concerts. Thanks
Camelot Uther, any version.
Benchmark DAC/Pre at $1575 new.
No remote though.
The Camelot Uther is very good. Try to buy the latest version if it's in your price range.

Birdland Audio Odeon-Ag. I haven't actually heard this DAC, but the reviews were excellent. The 6Moons review commented that the Birdland, direct to amp via it's motorized analog remote volume control, was superior to using the reviewers very good pre-amp between the DAC and amp.

Here's another solution to your desire for better redbook cd playback with the ability to watch DVD concert videos. Any of the Oppo DVD players with full scale mods by Ric Shultz at EVS (www.tweakaudio.com) will have EXCELLENT cd sound quality, EXCELLENT video sound and picture quality and all of the Oppos have remote controlled variable volume control (it is in the digital domain, so it does throw out bits, but it sounds great direct).

I'm using an EVS Level-2 mod'd Oppo 970 right now. It is connected direct to power amp for my 2 channel playback and it is also connected to my multi-channel HT system for DVD playback. It works great, sounds great and only takes up one spot on my combo audio/video shelf.


I just bought a Monarchy NM24 DAC today, sounds beautiful. Comes with solid state dac, tube dac and a preamp all in one. $1080 direct from Mr. Poon at Monarchy.
We like our Uther DAC with volume control. We use it in lieu of a traditional preamp to drive our CJ MV60SE amp. However, the Uther does not allow one to hear very loud music.

Our typical music sources are Itunes via Toshiba laptop/HagUSB converter, OPPO CD/DVD player via digital coax and HD Time-Warner cable converter box via toslink.

post note: sometimes, we're amazed by the sound quality of the live concerts seen/heard on Palladia HD channel.
I'd wait for the PSAudio Ultralink DAC due 2/09.

See their newsletters for more info:

Hey Brucebraun,
I think Camelot has a 9v pre-out upgrade to the preamp section, which should boost your volume level, I listen most of the time with mine from 70-85, so still room left.
Call to find out.
bel canto dac 3 has what you are looking for and the price is around your budget.