Quality Crimpers

Hello Folks,
Do any of you know of a source which makes-sells good quality Crimpers that do a correct job, and doesn't butcher a standard style Spade Lug termination?

In the past for mid-fi quality jobs, I've used the run of the mill Standard Electrician's Crimpers/Strippers, and the quality of crimping IMO is horrible to say the least.

Of course also, I'm not looking to drop "WBT" dollars on a crimping tool-device to do some DIY Speaker Cables, and would like to find something good, yet reasonably priced. Thanks, Mark
Hi Mark,

Klein Tools makes a great crimper, Parts Express carries it:


The wire strippers they sell are also excellent - despite the low price, these are excellent quality and are a real pleasure to use:


I own and use all three. I also have the WBT crimper and use that with the WBT crimp sleeves when using WBT ends, but for everything else I use the Klein.

Good luck!
Just one more thing to add - the Klein crimper is designed for crimping uninsulated terminals (nothing with a plastic "sleeve" around it - it will go right through that and crimp the metal below it) This is fine since most terminations come with "boots" to hide the crimp, or you can use heat-shrink tubing to cover the crimp.
I own this crimp tool from HandMade Electronics. I have used it to crimp WBT ferrules, and it works great.
Thomas & Betts make great crimpers, I like them a bit better than the Klien, should run you about $20