Quality CD Recorder with Analog inputs,suggestion

I have an older Marantz CD Recorder which after making many copies is now on its last legs. I have been satisfied with the results and am now looking for a replacement machine.

I like recording live broadcasts of Artists on programs such as , Saturday Night Live, Leno, Letterman, other special broadcasts, etc.
Usually, I will copy these to DVD and then to CD.

I make CD compliations for the car and I also copy my LP's so I need a machine that can copy analog signal's to CD.

A dual well machine is not necessary.

Sound quality is important . I have seen reference to CDR recorders like Tascam RA DV 1000, Marantz CDR 631 and Denon 550 R.
Is there opinions of these units or any other suggestions?

Note: Home computer copying is not preferred due to placement of the equipment.
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Thanks , some very good suggestions.
Qestion. Can the 96 Hz,24 bit CDR recording be played on a DVD Audio player or just the Alesis Masterlink?
If you've got a DVD burner on you computer, then consider the Korg MR1000 DSD recorder. It'll record at 1-bit 5.6 mHz, which is the ultimate for recording live and for archiving. You then have the choice of burning a mp3, mp4, Redbook CD, HDCD or DVD-A.

I came very close to buying the Alesis for its convenience, but the I jumped at the super resolution of Korg. It's an incredible machine. See my review over in analog reviews.

Of course, it's not worth the extra money unless you're going to use the extra resolution.

I bought the HHB cdr-830 from sweetwater.com for around $550. It has worked fine but the Alesis unit you describe sounds like it does more things.
With the Alesis you can copy to the HD then burn a disc. You can play the 24/96 recordings on DVD players, assuming they play CDRs.

Jkaway - the Alesis has a lot of feature functions, including parametric EQ, and can be used to mix/master recordings.
Cleo99, I have a Denon DVD, a 5910 and a 3910 modified by APL. I play CDR is them all the time.
So, will the recorded CDR's from the Alesis play in the DVD with 24/96 playback?