Quality CD Recorder with Analog inputs,suggestion

I have an older Marantz CD Recorder which after making many copies is now on its last legs. I have been satisfied with the results and am now looking for a replacement machine.

I like recording live broadcasts of Artists on programs such as , Saturday Night Live, Leno, Letterman, other special broadcasts, etc.
Usually, I will copy these to DVD and then to CD.

I make CD compliations for the car and I also copy my LP's so I need a machine that can copy analog signal's to CD.

A dual well machine is not necessary.

Sound quality is important . I have seen reference to CDR recorders like Tascam RA DV 1000, Marantz CDR 631 and Denon 550 R.
Is there opinions of these units or any other suggestions?

Note: Home computer copying is not preferred due to placement of the equipment.
Korg Mr 1000 is a very nice machine, recording is practically the same as the original source.
I hae a Sony that works really well, I thinks it is a WCD 500R or something like that.
Why don't you go back to Marantz, the CDR-501, a pro model, which can do all you want and then some. I have the CDR-500, and love it to death! In fact, I'd buy another one when and if this one craps out!
According to Michael Fremer, the 'cats meow' is the Alesis MasterLink ML-9600. Judging from Fremer's remarks at
it does most everything that could be wanted, and would seem to thoroughly cover your list. Lately on the 'bay, these units are fetching $350 to $575.
Try the Alesis Masterlink 9600. Totally versatile with a 40 gig hard drive and mastering capabilities. Sounds great as a playback unit also. Retails for $1600, but can be had all over the internet for $800. Best I've ever used.
Agreed on the Alesis Masterlink. I had one that was modified by Paul Weitzel at TRL (he uses one for two-channel recordings and mixes) and I believe BPT also offers mods for the unit.
Is the Alesis Masterlink just a hard drive recorder, or can it record directly to a disc?
If you've got a DVD burner on you computer, then consider the Korg MR1000 DSD recorder. It'll record at 1-bit 5.6 mHz, which is the ultimate for recording live and for archiving. You then have the choice of burning a mp3, mp4, Redbook CD, HDCD or DVD-A.

I came very close to buying the Alesis for its convenience, but the I jumped at the super resolution of Korg. It's an incredible machine. See my review over in analog reviews.

Of course, it's not worth the extra money unless you're going to use the extra resolution.

Thanks , some very good suggestions.
Qestion. Can the 96 Hz,24 bit CDR recording be played on a DVD Audio player or just the Alesis Masterlink?
I bought the HHB cdr-830 from sweetwater.com for around $550. It has worked fine but the Alesis unit you describe sounds like it does more things.
With the Alesis you can copy to the HD then burn a disc. You can play the 24/96 recordings on DVD players, assuming they play CDRs.

Jkaway - the Alesis has a lot of feature functions, including parametric EQ, and can be used to mix/master recordings.
Cleo99, I have a Denon DVD, a 5910 and a 3910 modified by APL. I play CDR is them all the time.
So, will the recorded CDR's from the Alesis play in the DVD with 24/96 playback?
Unless I'm mistaken about the source of the 24/96 recording made for me by TRL that played fine on my North Star/Monarchy M24 set-up (which supported 24/96), I don't see why not. To verify, here is a link to the Alesis manual:


You may also want to call Paul Weitzel at Tube Research Labs or Alesis support and verify with them. I sense this is a deal breaker for you so it may be worth the additional due diligence.

CD24's are not playable on my universal players.
These are actually cd-roms which contain aiff data
files ( 16/20/24 bit 44/48/88/96 khz ). You can
play them on the Masterlink or computer/daw, but they
are not set up file structure wise to be played as

I have taken the CD24 files and then "Authored" them
with menus and pictures to DVD on my computer but then
again you will need "authoring" software to make them
DVD ( video or audio ) complient.

I could be mistaken but they don't play on my players
which do support DVD-A and V.

Joe T.
I have owned the Marantz CDR-632 for over a year. While not as feature-rich as the Alesis, it costs less, and to my ears, makes recordings from analog sources that are identical to the original. Being a "pro-sumer" model, it uses both music and data CD-R/RWs, and the headphone section (with volume control) actually sounds pretty good, IMHO. No hiccups so far, and I use it at least three times a week to digitize analog sources. Best with Taiyo-Yuden media.
Alesis/ Tascam.

I am still very much confused.

#1 Question. Alesis Masterlink ML 9600

Based on the website,the Alesis Hi-Rez recordings can only be played back on the Alesis, no other player, DVD, DVD-A will play those discs, is that correct?

#2 Question. Tascam RA 1000
From the website.
"The new TASCAM DV-RA1000 recorder is a professional solution for recording high-resolution audio - up to 192kHz/24-bit - to inexpensive DVD media."

The website makes it sound as if these Hi-Rez recorded discs can be played back on other DVD players.
So, will the Tascam create Hi- Rez Discs that can be played back on other DVD-A or SACD machines, or just any DVD player?

#3 Twist on same question #2
Will those recordings that were made on the Tascam and played back on a DVD, DVD-A or SACD Player be in High Rez?

These questions seem like they should be simple for people that are supposed to be the Technical support to answer, yet neither company could answer the questions.

Perhaps I am expecting too much, but it would be great to record my band in Hi-Rez , store the recordings in Hi-Rez and play it back in Hi-Rez on other machines.
Joemt, Your posting explains the Alesis,
Still wondering about the Tascam...
Well I have a Denon DN-C550R Professional CD Recorder and it makes superb quality copies. Best of all it has both RCA and Balanced inputs. While it is not the least expensive unit you can buy - you can be assured of many years of trouble-free CD recordings. By the way, we use Tayo Yuden CD media with this recorder and it makes great CDs.

The TASCAM puts you in the same boat I believe.
It makes DSDIFF files which can be read by DVD-ROM
drive ( as in your computer or Digital Audio Workstation).
You have to play those DVD+rw on this machine.

Here are two links to reviews. I know we all want to
be able to record our own DVD-Audio's, SACD's ... but
"they" ain't gonna make it easy for us.


Joe T.
Sorry, the other link:


Joe T.
Finally getting back to this thread. I just ordered a Tascam CDRW 900 SL new at a very good price on the internet.
Since I ordered it site unseen with very little info on the web...

Can anyone verify that this machine will:

1. Record with any type of blank CDR's and will not require Special Music CDR's ?

2. Will automatically insert tracks when copying CD's ?
Are there any other recorders?
I have had the Masterlink for two years now and absolutely love it. I haven't used the CDR24 mode, just standard redbook. It has a 40 gig harddrive so I can record hours of my favorite radio station and then edit out a nice compilation for the car. On Mobile Fidelity gold CDR's, it sounds very, very good. I also make compilations from CD's as well to either listen on my main rig (the sound is better than the CD that I purchased) or in the car. While it doesn't burn to CD, you can burn an entire CD (at awesome quality) onto the HD and then render a copy. I'd say it takes less than an hour. It is a very versatile, great sounding piece of equipment. I got mine at Sam Ash for $800.