Quality CD Player with Tact RCS

I am sure that this question has been posed before, but I have been unable to locate an answer...

I currently have a Meridian 508.24, which I have found to be one of the better redbook CD players I have heard. I am planning to purchase a Tact RCS unit in the near future. I do not currently intend to purchase an external DAC, as I am happy with the 508 as a CD player.

1) In that the Tact will be doing DA conversion before sending the signal happily on to my amps, is it worth it to use such a high quality CD player, or would I be better off selling it and buying a cheaper transport and a Monarchy DIP? Or just using the 508 as a transport?

2) Or how about this: since the fully-loaded Tact converts from A-to-D then back from D-to-A, does the quality of the CD player matter, at all?

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Route 1 is recommended and the Meridian is a good match. The DACs on the latest RCS will be a worthwhile trade-off for the room correction. Avoid the unnecessary A/D of Route 2.
I'm probably too late, but how about avoiding DACs all together and keeping the TACT in the digital domain? If your CD player has a digital out, and either your CD player or DAC has a digital in, then you can avoid conversions, and go with the DAC-less version of the TACT. Saves you some $, too.