Quality CD player + DAC + pre-amp in one package

Budget: $3000-$5000 new or used

I know Ayon has some products like this. But I'm totally new to this, so would like to know what are the options out there.

Thanks in advance.
Just like the VCR and TV in one, problems are the device with moving parts will break long before the other part does.
So same way, a CD + preamp will not last as long.
I would never get a Cd player packaged into a preamp.
Though some CD players have a volume, and can be used with no preamp in the right setup.
All in one are cheaper, but just have flaws.
So as a long time audiophile, i say do not get a CD player as part of any combination.
The DAc built in a preamp is not a problem(as DACs have no moving parts) . And Cd players have a DAC in them anyway.
it is the moving parts gizmo built into another device which leads to problems.
Just my two ceents.
Like a fine watch craftsmanship and sounds excellent in my home office set-up!
Naim Uniti. However, Elizabeth makes a very good point about such combination units.
Check out the new Cambridge Audio 851 it is a complete package, CD player, DAC, and digital preamp
If you are open to a 2 box solution in a mid-size chassis then you could look towards something like a Bel Canto DAC 2.5 (which can function as a DAC and preamp) along with the Bel Canto CD3t disc transport.

If you are dealing with a space constraint, thus requiring the single box solution, the Bel Canto option should still work since both are half width chassis size, and the 2 together works out to 1 "normal" size unit.

***Bel Canto Dealer disclaimer***
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Elizabeth, that's actually a very good point. Never thought of it that way. I have a DAC, pre-amp and amp seperates (and a receiver) right now. But I find digital music streaming is the weakness in my system and thinking of selling the DAC and pre-amp, then buy an all-in-one unit. Space is not that big of a constraint but I'd like to keep it minimum. All the extra cost of cabling and all kinds of wires going left/right is really bothering me.

Also HT by-pass is kinda important too. Mine is all-purpose system, music/HT/gaming/cable TV.
Gfroman, how good the pre-amp section of esoteric? Is it more than just a volume control?
How about keeping my pre-amp, sell the dac, then get a cd player + dac in one box? Any recommendation?

Pre-amp is Pass XP-10. Although I'm not getting true potential of it right now due to my source, I definitely know there's a lot more to it if I just have a quality source. But I'd very much like to not increase from 4 boxes that I already have.
How do you pick on preamp the dac used on board rather than on CD board? I have direct or stereo.