Quality bulk speaker cable?

Howdy Agonners,

Recently someone suggested the "Carol Command" line from partsconnexion...promising, but it's silver plated. I'm looking for preferably all copper stuff. For a point of reference I like the richness and dimensionality of Harmonic Tech but I think Wireworld copper has cleaner treble. Any suggestions on good stuff that won't break the bank? (Think smallish bank). I'm looking to biwire three fronts. BTW I think I finally figured out what "shotgun" means (two runs per speaker terminal, right?) and cheaper bulk cable would certainly make trying that out more of an option than using gourmet cable.

And hey, what about that Carol Command stuff anyway?

All suggestions appreciated.

Analysis Plus Oval 12 and 14 is available in bulk.
Jeff: Pick up some packages of Radio Shack magnet wire ($3.99 each). Three spools come in a pack which are 22, 26 and 30 gage. I would try the 26 and/or 22 gage to see how your speakers react to being bi-wired (you could also try using the magnet wire on the top end only though it will work in both positions). Use fine sandpaper to remove the sprayed/dipped insulation from the ends of the wire and "do not twist or braid the wire" (it sounds lousy this way). Just use straight runs with bare wire connections. This is solid core copper wire with an enamel coating. The small gage does not sound small @ all. I use 26 gage 47 Labs cable throughout my system and have used the magnet wire (26 gage) in a second system in the past. In regard to sound "quality", well this stuff beats most inexpensive cable, IMO. It could also be that you will not like the sound of bi-wiring your speakers and in this case you will not be out much. I tried a Kimber Kable bi-wire once when I was getting ready to bi-amp and did not care for the sound with the speakers I had @ that time.
Most of the OHFC copper Kimber 4XX and 8XX is available in bulk. I just bought 500' of 4PR for some in-house wiring and the dealer was pretty willing to give me a discount off list price for the sale.
Thanks for the responses guys. I am considering going for a cheaper HT oriented system in which case I'd investigate these options, or I may stick with my two channel setup in which case I'll probably keep boutique cables. I am biwiring now with Harmonic Tech melody line on the bottom of my Triangles and Nordost flatline on top and to my ears it sounds great. I would like to go to two identical pairs or a factory biwire and am considering Virtual Dynamics, Wireworld, Harmonic Tech if I stick with the 2 channel setup. BTW I just got a VD power cable for my Audio Refinement integrated and it sounds like I added another 100W/channel of very HQ amplification. Damn!