Quality, Affordable, Preamps?

Ok, well quality and affordable maybe a subjective. I am starting to build a new 2 channel system. I have Adcom GFA-565 Mono's modded by Musical Concepts. Pre-Amp is a GFP-565 that I am looking to the area to start. CD is a Denon 2560 that will be replaced by a Rega Apollo I believe at this point. Speakers are Infinity Modulus. Nopt with the sub or the crossover cube. They made them sound terrible. I run an older M&K MX-2000 set at about 72 hz. I may replace the Speaker with PSB Stratus Golds or Maggie 1.7 sometime down the road. But for now I am looking for a descent Tube preamp. I know nothing about tubes. I was looking toward Mcintosh or the Musical Design Sp-2b possbly the new chemealeon. And would like to look at others just not sure where to start. New or used is good. Used maybe better might fit in the budget better. So, any input would be great. At some point it will all be upgraded.
you need to mention what you would like to pay...
Consider a Rogue 99 preamp especially the Magnum version.
If it has to be an inexpensive tube pre...try a Dared SL 2000; $250-300 used. It doesn't have much gain and only has 2 or 3 inputs, very good for the money.
If 1 input is ok than get a Placette. $600-700 used, it is passive & not tube but excellent.
Sorry, I'd like to stay around or below $2000.00. If I can get a decent Tube Preamp for that.
I would have to second the suggestion to buy the Rogue 99 Magnum preamp and it should be understood that this preamp is not difficult to match up to most any solid state power amp.

The Dared SL 2000 is another good recommendation but keep in mind its physical size is much smaller than the standard width but it is truly a remarkable performer as well! Also I like its powerful radio frequency controlled remote. You can adjust its volume from most anywhere in the house.

Get a Thor Mk II Line stage with serial numbers at or above 1000.

I seriously doubt you'll do better in the $2K - $3K price range. Support for them is back as well as are upgrades.
Depending on your taste, I would look at either BAT or Audio research.
I would suggest an MFA Magus or this Atma-sphere as options. I really liked the Magus and two of the principles are still around. Atma-sphere also supports the linked preamp.
Lots of choices in the range of $2000. I went through the preamp upgrade process a few times in the last couple of years, from anthem to audiomirror and finally settled at Modwright. I picked up a lightly used SWLP9.0se for $2150. If you decide later on (bound to happen) to introduce vinyl into your rig, you cant go wrong and this model has the outboard power supply which is a major overall upgrade. This is probably my last preamp, its a killer.
Built like a tank and Dan Wright treats used buyers like new buyers, he's a total class act who's in it for the long run. If you want the straight line stage you can go from $1000 to $1500 or a little more for the upgraded models in the used market. Incredible buy.
I would go with a used Tube Audio Design TAD 150 signature. You can usually get them used in the $750-$800 range. An excellent budget preamp with a phono stage and a remote.
PS Audio makes a PCA-2 with the HCPS, it is in the same
league as Rowlands best!

Quality power cords, interconnects, and you are in

"Like Flint!"

Clean, quiet, NUETRAL, Dynamic pre-amp combination.

Available as low as $1200! This is a TRUE $3k Pre amp


I have tried many pre-amps, but this is something

very special from PS Audio.

INMHO, You need to spend in excess of $10k to really
appreciate a real improvement is sound.

It is THAT GOOD! When mated with the right amp. and the

Best cables are used.