Quality 5.1 receiver needed

I currently have the following system:
Rega P3 with RB300 and Grado Platinum
CJ MV2100
Njoe Tjoeb CD player
DVD player (I like 2-channel music more than video)
Boston Acoustics VR960s
I am interested in getting a 5.1 channel receiver and would like to know what parts of my current system could work with a 5.1 receiver,what parts could not be used, what is a quality receiver under $1000 that is super-good with 2-channel music. I wouldn't use the receiver for anything but straight DVD watching or DVD audio (maybe). I have no plans for connecting a video recorder, projector or anything like that. Music first, but I am getting into artists that use 5.1 format to do their audio-visual stuff. lots of help needed, and all help is appreciated greatly. please ask any questions of me and I will answer as best I can.
much thanks,james
You can keep it all. Just feed the line-level outputs for the main L/R channels from the receiver through a bypass input on the preamp.

Check out the new Denon models. Also audioholics.com has a lot of information for you to consider.
"what is a quality receiver under $1000 that is super-good with 2-channel music"

No such beast exists. Kal has the best suggestion I can think of.
Good recommendations, but unfortunately I don't think they apply: To the best of my knowledge, the CJ PV10AL does not have a "hometheater bypass."
Check out the Panasonic XR55 in the forums, might be your ticket, worth trying out for only $229 (J&R).
Well, any preamp can be faked into a bypass mode. All you need is a reliably fixed gain for it. A stepped volume-control makes that easy, of course, but fitting a marker or pin to the volume knob can work.