Quality 2 channel analog out in Oppo's besides 105

Want to get a bluray player that will also give me great 2 channel sound. Looking used in the $200-$500 range. Do any of the Oppo's come close to the 105 in this area?
Kal's recommendations are spot-on except that you'll not find either of those models available for less than $400. If you can find an 83 or 95 for $300 to $500 you should jump on it, it will surely sell very quickly...

You might want to consider something like the Pioneer Elite BDP-62fd. It is a universal Bluray player that also handles SACD and DVD-Audio. I found a brand new one on Fleabay for $299. It is a lot of player for the money...


Thanks gentlemen! sounds like I will be looking for a deal on the 83se and the 95. Most of the 95's I've seen are pretty high.
The Cambridge Audio 751BD does a wonderful job with 2-channel. Very detailed, solid punch. I have one and have seen them used for $500.00 to $700.00 here on Audiogon lately.

The Cambridge Audio 751BD shares the same Mediatek chipset as the Oppo 95 but with it's own personal tweaks. Mostly same graphic interface but uses Wolfson DAC's(dual differential) for both stereo and multichannel music and upsampling.

Thanks Bill, I'd be open to the Cambridge as well.Just want great 2 channel playback.