Quality 15 Amp Right Angled Plug

Are there any "audio" quality right angled 15 amp AC plugs? I need to use one to accommodate an acoustic treatment but I can't find one.
These are very good:

Home Depot, It's not passing line or speaker level signals just V and I. Boy am I in the wrong racket when you get 90.00 for right angle plugs that are Hubbel at best.
Wattgate doesn't seem to carry any right angles connectors.
It's been cryoed and treated with Caig deoxit. Surely it's worth the money, isn't it? :)
If you have a Wattgate or Marinco plug, this adapter can be used:

If willing to go adapter route: Audioquest makes 90 degree right angle IEC to IEC 15 amp adapters sold thru Audio Advisor website under Cable accessories for $ 25.00 each.
Bryant hospital grade (clear cover). Available online. As good as any I have tried.