Qualitative Aspects to Your Dream Listening Room

I have noticed with both audio and home theatre that some rooms just arent very inviting to listen to music or watch a movie, despite the best of intentions.

Other rooms, however - sometimes quite small, cozy rooms, just seem to be made to curl up and while away the hours listening to music or watching a good movie or tw0.

I have noticed setting up different systems around my house that I dont like to think that I might be disturbing anyone else, or that someone might sneak up on me while listening or watching.

When a window is behind me, I sometimes get a sensation like someone is reading over my shoulder.

I tried watching movies in bed, but I really dont like it -it just seems too passive and self indulgent to really appreciate and critique something properly.

So let's hear your suggestions. Apart from the components, cables, room treatments etc....

.....what kinds of things? or food or drinks? or furniture - sofas or chairs? or cushions or pillows or lights.....books? pictures? privacy? would you have for your ultimate escape into music and movies?

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.
i have found that listening to music in a darkened room, or blindfolded is more enjoyable than listening when the room is viewable.

therefore any aspect of the decor or other visual cues are irrelevant.

i try to ignore that which is not important and concentrate on what is important, namely, what is coming out of the speakers.
some colored lights are nice to set a calm mood, I listen alot with low or no lights, I also listen while reading all the audio nerd magazines, just seems to fit the moment.
Also a wirless laptop can be fun to search AGON or anything you wish, I have at times looked up Bio's of whatever artist/composer I am playing, again that just fits the mood.
Maybe a drink or a Valum would help you not feel like your being watched :)

Yes, maybe it is just paranoia. But I have always found listening to music a very private experience.

I like the idea of reading audio magazines - that is another one of my favorites.

Mr Tennis, I think you totally missed the point.

Look forward to more ideas.
i don't think i missed the point. i take music where ever i can get it. if it is on the street, on a subway platform, in somebody's basement, it's always about the music.

the other stuff is unimportant. i guess we will agree to disagree.

i am more concerned about what i hear, than what i see.