Quadratic Diffusser Plans??

Can someone give me the details for a quadratic diffusser. I would like the well depths and the well width. The width stays the same but the depth varies from well to well. I have googled this topic and can't find any specific measurements.

I am talking about the slatted diffuser, not the one made out of peices of 2x2 wood.

I would like to build some for my room.Thanks for the help.
Here is a link to a very nicely done site with both theory and practical information and pictures useful for construction.

QRD Diffusors

It also includes a calculator you can download (near the bottom).

having just read the report/info via the posted link here, all I can say, is 'Holy jumpin' jellyfish!'

I need or would like, a more simplistic approach, apart from Headphones. Sheeeshhh. Maybe coat hangers and stockings.
I need or would like, a more simplistic approach,

Jim, nice thought, but when you are dealing with an EXTREMELY complex topic like room treatments a simplistic approach does not exist.

Zargon, thanks for the link. I've built some of these and they do have a definite impact on the sound, sometime good and sometimes bad. Your link is definitely a great asset.

Blindjim, the most common 2D diffusor is the ORD 734 or those made by Core Audio Designs. If you download the QRDude Calculator (very bottom of the link), I believe it comes up on this very design. All you have to do is duplicate the well widths and depths. I've seen them built out of maple or walnut, plywood or styrofoam. The materials are not critical as long as they reflect, not absorb sound. It is quite simple if you are not interested in understanding the theory or attempting to construct complex broader bandwidth shapes.
Zargon, great link. Thank you.

Didn't mean for my post to denegrade your's. Reading thru it and thinking of all the various freq's being attnuated/attended too, and how to calculate them gave me considerable pause. Brain freeze in fact. All those lands and grooves of dissimilar depths and widths.. yikes!

Calculating them I probably could do, but carving them out is well beyond me.

At any length the link should be a very worthwhile tool for those so predisposed.

Maybe so.

It never ceases to amaze me just how deep this rabbit hole can go sometimes.

My latest brain storm was to use some sort of loosly woven and layered out of sync bamboo/rattan/wire mesh panels of some sort & size. Merely to diffuse side wall reflections. Though I've not found either the pattern nor esthetic I'd wish to weld to my listening room walls.

I'll probably wind up with a couple pots full of ferns.
Blindjim, not a problem. I just wanted to be sure no one got too discouraged. Lets hope Moonguy gives them a try and reports back on the results.

Seems to me someone ought to make simple die cast molds of the usual suspects and sell the templates for DIY projects.

Naw.... that would make it too easy for too many folks.