Quadraspire Sunoko Vent-T help

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help me. I recently purchased a Quadraspire Sunoko Vent-T two-shelf rack for my components. I had been using a bargain Sanus stand with hollow metal columns, two MDF shelves and some Golden Sound Cones I glued to the bottom of the posts as makeshift footers.

Well, the Sunoko has been nothing but disappointment so far, both in terms of stability and sound quality. There are circular metal decouplers that are set into the shelves and extend perhaps a 1/4" above and below the wooden shelves. The posts have a screw on the end that slips through the decoupler and screws into the female end of the post above. This makes for a very, very small metal on metal contact point that provides little to no stability. The posts can rotate 360 degrees even after being tightened up (this may be by design). But the rack easily shakes side to side, front to back, and even twists with even the slightest pressure. Worst of all is that the impact on the sound has been extremely negative - thin, sibilant highs, an overall lack of warmth, and a lack of bass.

I know that many like this particular rack, so I'm trying to figure out how to make it work. Perhaps I should pull the decouplers out of the shelves and tighten down right on the wood? Put rubber washers over the metal to allow better tightening? Just use it as an expensive plant stand?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update - I superglued the decouplers into the shelves, and it made it more sturdy. However, I have to say this is the most disappointing audio purchase I have ever made. It's my fault for not checking the return policy (which amounts to "you opened it, you bought it"), but how can you possibly know if something works without trying it? It's nothing more than some MDF shelves with relatively simple metal posts. I guess I have an $800 plant stand. Live and learn.
Maybe make it work by selling it before making permanent modifications. I have only seen them several times. I have not owned one but they are regular mdf shelves with metal posts like most stands in that price range. MDF is poor shelf material, in my experience, no matter the rocking issues of the stand. You can DIY a better stand.
Hi,have you got the shelves up the right way.The angled cut shelf faces the floor.My rack was a instant upgrade,I lost brightness and increased everything across the board.
Yep, I have it set up correctly. I guess the level of improvement depends on what you were using before. I had an $80 bargain rack with MDF shelves and metal posts. I guess the Sunoko is slightly better than that, but it's still a rack with MDF shelves and metal posts. There's a slight improvement that's probably only due to the spikes (the bargain) rack didn't have them. Hardly worth 10 times the price of what I had.
Symposium isolation and great sound.
Scott - Quadraspire racks are designed to wobble a little to drain vibrations away from audio equipment. This feature is pretty obvious in person but maybe yours was a online purchase. Sorry to hear the Quadraspire rack does not sound good in your system, as I am also considering this product. Racks are near impossible for home trial, so buying one can be risky.
Scott -

Another thought, check out another very recent thread "My Audio Rack Is Bright..." Some of the recommendations might help, such as footers, symposium shelfs, etc. Good luck.