quadraspire reference

like to hear feedback from users of this acrylic reference shelf...has anyone gone from using Q4 to the acrylic reference?

Love your system!

I have done the A/B with glass vs. acrylic shelfs in my Quadraspire cube series stuff (which is not quite as good sonically as the Q4, but the only thing that fits and is wife approved for my living room). There is a very notable improvement with the acrylic, at least for the shelf you put your digital source on. For amps and such, I think there is a significant decrease in the degree of benefit, though one is probably still there (I didn't do this A/B specifically, only with my source). Given the quality of your gear, I think buying at least one of the acrylic shelfs for your Ikemi will be a very good investment. It should cost around $350 or so.

not too shabby yourself!!! my pictures are old...and right now i have no amps as im waiting for the pr of 4200's and new lingo2...man i cant wait for that..dont know what to expect...havent heard either of them...what about using the acrylic shelf, or any other isolation platform under klimax kontrol (is that not the most amazing piece of gear youve heard? blew me away first listen!)
thanks for your answers and the compliment!
Yes, the Klimax Kontrol is simply wonderful! I love this thing. And if I were going to buy a second acrylic shelf for a Q4, the Kontrol is definitely what I would have resting on it. But first you might also want to consider a Quadraspire Reference Wall Mount (has an acrylic shelf) for your LP 12. This should actually make more difference than what I heard with one under an Ikemi.

As to Chakra 4200's, I think you are going to be extremely pleased. They are a delightful step up from the C4100 series amps when run passively, and I anticipate the difference will be even greater when run active (which I haven't heard). I haven't done the A/B of a Lingo I to a Lingo II myself, but I am certainly happy with my own Lingo II.


P.S. Where are you located?
we've exchanged emails in the past. im in NJ right outside of philly..If i remember your in michigan?? ive got a neuance platform on an apollo wall shelf for my lp12...dont laugh, but i actually bought one of the isolation shelves that you see many times when first logging onto audiogon. they are solid maple, beautifully finished, with adjustable spikes, so it goes under KK, and on top of q4 shelf...i love wood, woodworking, finishing...and these things just seemes real sharp...not sure what if any impact it will have..ever use anything like that? call me crazy, but im thinking of selling my ikemi and go without a cd player for a bit to help fund the purchase of these amps and lingo 2....good news is i got 1000 for my lingo1, and ex dem lingoo2, 2006 model was 1350 (but in silver...may spray paint it). pleasure chattting with you
Don't give up your Ikemi, or you will regret it! I thought the same way not long ago and sold my Unidisk 2.1, but discovered I really missed the digital option. And cheaper CDP's just aren't going to cut it in a system as revealing as yours. In that regard, a Klimax Kontrol can be your worst enemy as well as your best friend.


P.S. Sorry for not remembering our previous chats. I think I'm going to be signing off the thread for now but drop me an email sometime after you get your C4200's and let me know what your think.