quad vs. quad ESL

in your opinion,which is a better value... an older 57 or 63 completely refurbished and upgraded or one of the more recent versions of this speaker...........I listen to all types of music at low to moderate volume with no great need for very extended bass. Electronics and CDP are yet to be purchased........I would like the total cost of the system to be well below $10,000
I have 57's and Crosby modded 63's. The 57's midrange is uncanny, but the speaker has so many limitations, at least in single pair form, that I compromised by going to the 63, which can play louder, and has some apparent bass. The 57 is, in my estimation, the more 'purist' speaker, if you can live with its shortcomings. They look pretty cool, too. Room placement is critical, and I used to get the 57's up off the floor.

I owned three pairs of 57's and a pair of Crosby-modded 63's with Gradient subs. Your descriptions are right on the money.

the 57 is my favorite with a most glorious midrange that I have yet to hear topped, ever, by anything.

a buddy had a pair that we listened to for a few years and when he bought 63s I was always let down a bit by the midrange even though the 63 is more of a full range speaker