Quad Mod USA

Has anybody any experience of this company? http://www.quadmodsusa.com

I placed an order with them one month ago for the Quad 33 and 303 mod kits, paid through PayPal, but since then they have not contacted me with any confirmation or shipping info, and have ignored several e-mails and phone calls requesting such info. Have not been able to find any information on them other than site so curious if they actually do exist, or if anybody knows why they would go missing.
contact paypal for refund process.
I hope you paid via credit card through paypal. If so, file a complaint through your credit card provider.
I suspect that Gregg is unwell or hospitalized. He has had heart problems recently. I know that Gregg is usually quite prompt about web orders and emails too. I will try contacting him... Regards, Hamad.
Thanks for your responses. I will wait a few more days and see if he comes back. I suspected something like this might be the reason. It's only $135 and I would rather get the kits than have to cause trouble with PayPal. The amps are over 30 years old, they can wait a bit longer.
I have dealt with Greg before and he is a honest and ethical individual. Hamad's comments are very relevant since he knows Greg personally. Q33 I admire your patience.
Hamad, any word on Greg? I wish him speedy recovery and I do hope he will recover fom this.

However, I have to say it's a bit concerning that nobody has been able to respond in the 6 weeks since I placed my order. Meanwhile, the store is still open without a message that they may not be able to fullfil their orders, or give an estimate as to when. It's not fair to other potential customers that may place orders in good faith. Other may not be as patient as me.

Somebody close to Greg, if he is not able to do it himself, needs to take control of the situation. If not, his reputation will suffer, I fear without any way to redeem it.