Quad L12 vs Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand

Greetings all-

So I’m looking for a secondary set of monitors to add to my system. Just something to switch things up a bit..I’m interested in thoughts here...I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Quad L12 & Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand. 

PL Prologue 3
BS Node2i
Sonus Faber Concertinos (vintage)
I have not heard the VAs - so cannot comment on them.
The Quad 12L is a fantastic monitor. Very musical with lots of details and great bass for a monitor of it's size. I had not even considered this brand during my online search. They were at a dealer's showroom in Bay Area and I asked him to play my song on it. Just 1 listen and I decided to go with that brand as my first set of loudspeakers - the Quad 21L, it's bigger brother. I longed for a floor stander. They were with me for 12 years before I changed to my current speakers. You will not go wrong with the Quad 12L.
I should mention that I love the lush sound of my Sonus Fabers and their ability to disappear and throw a sound stage so id like to keep it within the same characteristics.


thanks for the info! Hows the Quads top end? 
I had the 21L2 back then as well.  Liked them quite a bit.  They have nice detail in the top end.  I thought they sounded slightly thin but I really liked them.  Beautiful finishes too.  I recommend them.
I don't know about the Sonus Fabers. But the Quads would mot be overly warm. They are very musical with great imaging.
@b_limo ,I did not know you owned the 21L2. Man, you went through a ton of speakers :-)