Quad L12 vs Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand

Greetings all-

So I’m looking for a secondary set of monitors to add to my system. Just something to switch things up a bit..I’m interested in thoughts here...I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Quad L12 & Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand. 

PL Prologue 3
BS Node2i
Sonus Faber Concertinos (vintage)
I have not heard the VAs - so cannot comment on them.
The Quad 12L is a fantastic monitor. Very musical with lots of details and great bass for a monitor of it's size. I had not even considered this brand during my online search. They were at a dealer's showroom in Bay Area and I asked him to play my song on it. Just 1 listen and I decided to go with that brand as my first set of loudspeakers - the Quad 21L, it's bigger brother. I longed for a floor stander. They were with me for 12 years before I changed to my current speakers. You will not go wrong with the Quad 12L.
I should mention that I love the lush sound of my Sonus Fabers and their ability to disappear and throw a sound stage so id like to keep it within the same characteristics.

I had the 21L2 back then as well.  Liked them quite a bit.  They have nice detail in the top end.  I thought they sounded slightly thin but I really liked them.  Beautiful finishes too.  I recommend them.
I don't know about the Sonus Fabers. But the Quads would mot be overly warm. They are very musical with great imaging.
@b_limo ,I did not know you owned the 21L2. Man, you went through a ton of speakers :-)

So I went with the Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand and so far (day 2 in system) it’s pretty damn nice. In comparison to my SF Concertinos, the most obvious difference is the Haydn’s top end which is a bit rolled off (most evident with female vocals) I’ll say the SF upper end is nicer. The Haydn puts out an impressive kick in the low end which the SF cannot match. The soundstage is a toss up, SF soundstage is deeper, the Haydn’s wider and slightly forward. Imaging is excellent and about equal so far. The SF sounds better (more lush) at lower volumes (ie: late night listening) whereas the Haydn is more capable of playing classic rock at moderate levels....both are built exquisitely...no clear winner here. Very interesting and fun stuff.