I resently bought Arcam receiver AR200. Somebody told me B&W doesn't fit with Arcam but Quad L12 or Tannoy R2 would be the best choise.

Do you have any comments guys?
I suppose that would depend on the model of B&W's you're looking at. The Dm 302/305 used a soft dome tweeter which might be a better choice of tweeter type to use w/ your Arcam. You may want to add ProAc, Spendor, and JM Reynard to your list. Try to audition within your own system/room to see which loudspeaker suits your tastes. Good Luck and hope you enjoy your new Arcam! Bill
I can vouche for the QUads...they have a huge sweetspot, a very wide soundstage, and incredible imaging stability...they have received alot of attention...and for good reason...at their price point and even beyond...they are the monitors to beat...good luck....
Go for the Quad...
One more vote for the Quad. I bought the 12Ls the moment I heard them! Most dealers will sell for around $800-$850 which I consider a VERY good value.

I'm running an Arcam Diva A85 and I've been VERY pleased.
Emily25, check out Kinima G1 from Zetagcorp. These are an amazing speaker with tight bass, smooth non-fatiging highs and a midrange that is sweet. Cardas post and wires, custom made in house drivers and a finish that is found in more expensive speakers.
Get the 12L's and a decent pair of speaker stands
My choice will be Quad. As I had own Tannoy speaker before I change to Quad 11L and I really happy with Quad. It has a wider soundstage, much better mid and more detailed sounding than Tannoy. You will never go wrong with the choice of Quad speaker. Cheer......
Go for Quad..More balance and musical.
I have a set of Quad 12L's and fully recommend them.

Actually went out looking to get the Tannoys and came back with the Quad's, no comparison.

Also looked at some Dynaudio Audience 42's nice, but for the $'s the Quads win (looked at energy's also, hmmm that titamium tweeter is just too harsh)

12L's $1390 Aust Dollars

I have a Denon AVR1603 (if you get the quads, trust me, put it in direct mode (ie no base/trebble) massive reduction in colouration from that amp, and how speakers should be heard anyway:))