QUAD ESL63: where to have rebuilt

Chicago and surrounding area preferred to avoid shipping, but will consider any other suggestions to ship for  for good rebuild/upgrades 

thank you 
Quads Unlimited in Longwood, Florida
ESL Repair outside of Cleveland.
You probably won't avoid shipping unless there is someone in your immediate area, but Kent McCollum, near Kansas City, MO restored my 57s recently and did a fine job. He is also known for his work on '63s (I had a pair of Crosby modded ones that the new owner also sent to Kent). McCollum provides sturdy shipping boxes, the boxed speakers are shipped via UPS on a pallet and it is all fairly quick, easy and painless. (At least it was for me). Electrostatic Solutions is the business name. 
Thank you for the responses. Cleveland is drivable (I am in South bend, IN area). I’ll follow up.
 I’ve talked with Kent from electrostatic solutions, Will likely send there if I can’t avoid shipping.