Quad ESL's-Which One's Are The Best?

Hey Folks,
I have never owned a pair of Quads but when I see the 57's going for around $3,000.00 or the 989's for around $ 5,600.00 I begin to feel the pull of temptation. I begin to imagine just how good my digitally remastered recordings of Wilhelm Backhaus would sound coming from a pair of Quads and my ears begin to salivate. Now with the 2905's in dealer showrooms, Quad ESL's are bombarding me in all directions and depending on who you talk to, the 57's sound the best, or the 2905's are the superior Quads in every way, etc...etc... I had a Quad dealer recently tell me not to buy the 989's for various reasons but I bet he didn't tell people that when he was trying to sell them. So which one's are the best, is it OK to buy pre-owned?
I had a long-lasting love affair with My ESL 63s until recently parting with them. With a clean front end and a subwoofer for about 70Hz down (I can't remember my setpoint), they are truly hard to beat for most everything but larger orchestral works. But>> BEWARE>> older electrostatics do not travel well. The glues binding the diaphragms to the panels break down over time and separate, making for expensive problems which will not reveal themselves until delivered/set up and tested.
Thanks for the clue into the older Quad models. I'm assuming then that manufacturer reconditioned 57's, 63's etc... are the way into the earlier models and that even the new 2905's will need the same type of attention over time?
My first sta was the old Acoustat3, medallian mod, then I went to Quad 63,Martin Logan Sequel,2 pairs of Martin Logan CLS11z, and also a pair of stacked Quad 57's(ala Peter Walker design one atop the other).

Although there is a stat sound, none of these sounded the same.

I thought the stacked 57's were quite special, and I should have invested the dollars to have both pairs matched and brought up to speed, but even as they were, they drew you into the music.

I used an AtmaSphere MP3 pre and AtmaSphere S30 amp.

I listened to a single pair in Montreal driven by Audio Aero tube gear and they were also very special, and put a lot of more elaborate and expensive systems to shame.

Everyone should own a functioning pair of Quads at least once.
I'm buying a pair of the Quad 2905's. I'll be powering them with an ASR Emitter II Exclusive, an Ayre QB9 DAC and a MAC Mini.
Thanks to all of those who posted comments!