Quad ESL-2905 ?

So finally getting my first real sound system.

I am debating between the Quad Classic II int or the Manley Stingray II.

When growing up my fathers friend had a pair of old Quad Speakers and I LOVED them so am really thinking of getting the ESL-2905's

(but I did find a beautiful restored pair of 63's for a fair deal)

Anyway I hear a lot about Quad and have read quite a bit too.
Many people seem to buy a pair of Quads and keep them forever.

Id like to hear pros and cons from those who own or have owned or at least have first hand experience with them.

I really listen to all type of music to me clarity is most important I am not looking for a crazy loud system

I really think if I was to get the Quad speakers Id go with the Quad Classic II int (I like tubes and integrated).... The other integrated amp I am looking at would be the Manley Stingray II but I do not know if the Quad speakers would pair well with the Stingray so Id have to really look around for some more info on which speakers if I go Stingray.

Thank you!