Quad cd-p 1 vs. 2

I recently purchased a Quad cd-p from a dealer on Audiogon and was told that it is a cdp-2, but nowhere on the unit does it say cdp-2? How do I know I was not just sold a cdp-1 instead? I believe the new cdp-2 has a new custom designed transport vs the old cdp-1.
The box is no different I think, but the serial number sticker on the back says "99 CDP-2". This is how mine looks and I have verified this to be the external differentiator in conversation with the US distributor.
i think the 2 has variable out put where the 1 doesnt also?
The Quad 99 CD-P (version 1) does have variable volume control.

I think Digsmithd is confusing the Quad 99 CD-P with the original Quad 99 CD player. The Quad 99 (non P version) was not a Quad design, it was sourced from another designer. It was not regarded very highly like the Quad 99 CD-P and now the CD-P2.

I can't image why this would confuse anyone. Quad 99 CD player, Quad 99 CD-P and Quad 99 CD-P2. How could anyone possibly be confused?!!!