Quad 99CDP digital in for DVD?

I am thinking about buying a Quad 99CDP CD player and wonder if I can plug a DVD player into the back to use the 99's processor. I know there is an input for a CD player but I do not know if a DVD can use the same input.

BTW any comments about the Quad 99CDP? Anything positive or negative is appreciated.
I'd first find out the digital output resolution of your DVD player and the resolutions that your Quad CDP can accomodate. Most DVD players output a 16/44 signal for CDs, so there probably won't be a problem with the CDP locking onto the digital signal.
Thsalmon thank you,

I know nothing about the digital arena but I really hope to improve the DVD sound quality.

I hope to buy a Quad 99CDP and sell my Sony DVPS9000 ES and replace it with a cheaper DVD player and run that DVD player through the 99CDP and use the 99CDP for CD.
If your are thinking of using the Quad's DAC for movie surround sound, it won't work because the Quad probably can't decode Dolby Digital or DTS, and there will only be two analog channels out.