Quad 99 preamp/909 amplifier combo

Have you ever tried this combo or have this in your system? If you have, can you give me some details as to how it sounds? This would be used with PMC OB1i speakers. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I have both combined with Dynaudio 1.3SE
For me the sound is great but I must admit that over the years I did not compare very much.
From 1972 untill now I had the 44/405, 44/606 and 99/909 combinations.
Reliability is top and the tone control (hated bij most purists) works great.
Some time ago I switched from the 44/606 to a Lyngdorf TDAI2200 but after one month I made a deal with the seller and traded the Lyngdorf in for the 99/909.
The sound of the Lyngdorf was too cold/analytical and missed the soul I find in Quad gear.
I used to own the 909. I used it with a a NAD C165bee preamp. I did not have the 99 preamp. However, I can tell you the 909 is superb and an extreme bargain for the typical audiogon price it sells for. Plenty of grunt to power your PMC OB1is too (great speakers BTW, I have the same ones). The 99/909 combo is unbeatable for the current going price. Good luck!
The combination is good value for money. Whilst not the last word on dynamics or resolution it is very easy to listen to and compact as well.
I owned the pre amp (not the combo) and can say it is the sort of item that just gets out of the way of the listening session. It does not attract attention to itself and is very pleasent to listen thru.

Agree with others that it is a great value
the 99 pre does not have the level of resolution the 909 has! For example: you could not tell the difference between the mediocre CDplayer and the better one listening through the 99. I replaced it with passive pre. the 909 has high gain (around 36 dB) and 20K input impedance so it could be matched with passive.of course you are loosing the comfort you would have with the 99!
Anyway my opinion (after 30years with Quad electronics and speakers)is that in every Quad generation the amps are better then preamps!
Thanks for the replies. I guess what I'm wondering is do you think that this combo would better my Esoteric AI-10 integrated amp?