QUAD 99 CDP and Wright 3.5's output question

I am purchasing a pair of Wright 3.5's, and was wondering if anyone has experience with this combo, or if anyone could tell me if they think this combination will work properly driving a pair of 103 db efficiency horn speakers?Trying to figure out what to do, or to just stick with my modified Music Hall CD25 for now ,and buy the passive Luminous Audio Axim instead, until i can afford a better player.Really think the Music Hall sounds nice and any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.I have just heard some good things about the Quad 99CDP and i also could use the DVD hook up but may forego that if the other combo would be better.

I replied directly to your e-mail, but for the benefit of others, the Quad 99 CDP is a great player. The added benefit of a very good remote variable volume control and digital inputs is just "icing on the cake".

I have used the Quad 99 CDP with a pair of 3.5 watt/ch. BottleHead Paramours and with a pair of Channel Islands Audio VMB-1s. My speakers are the easy to drive, Reference 3A MM DeCapos, which are 92db sens.

I have used my Quad 99 CDP as the centerpiece of my audio system. I've attached a DVD player to one of its digital inputs, and it works quite nicely. You could also connect any other digital source that outputs PCM and use the Quad's 24/192khz DACs.

The Quad makes a great centerpiece for an all digital 2-channel stereo/HT system. No pre-amp needed (or desired in my case!).


I have a pair of Wright 3.5's also. With your 103 db efficiency horn speakers you should be fine. However, I used to use a passive preamp and have found that (in my system) the Wright amps do better when driven with an active preamp. A lot will depend on the output voltage of the CD player. You may get satisfactory volume without a preamp, but you may want to try a preamp to see if the dynamics are better.

Thanks for the responses!! JD what output voltage should i be looking for to be ok with with my set up?thanks!
When I had the passive preamp, I was running an AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player that has provisions for adjusting the output voltage as high as 5.0 volts, which worked well with the passive pre. The normal setting for this player is 2.5 volts, and that was barely enough to drive the amps. But my speakers are only about 91-92 dB efficient. As I said, with your speakers, you may have better luck, but I think an active preamp will provide better dynamics. I'm using a Bottlehead Foreplay that has been heavily tweaked, and it is a fantastic preamp.

The max output of the Quad 99 CDP is 2.4VRMS. Generally, anything 2VRMS or greater will drive an amp to full output power. However, I'm no expert, so take this with a grain of salt.


Tom In Cincinnati
Thanks Guys !! I appreciate the help.
I am using the Quad 99 cdp with a Tektron 45 SET amp driving my Oris 150 horns at 105 db efficiency. The Quad cdp works great with the SET amp and it has better dynamics and drive than my previous set up which was an cdp and Tube preamp.
Hence I got rid of my preamp and no loss in preformance.

I had a similar experience with the Quad 99 CDP. I took it to a friend's house to audition it in his very high resolution system. The sytem sounded better with the Quad CD direct to amp than it did using his $4000+ tube pre-amp. I wasn't specifically listening for dynamics, but I don't remember missing dynamics without the pre-amp. However, the Quad was noticably more transparent using its built-in volume control than it was when the $4000 pre-amp was in the chain.

For a CD only, or PCM digital only system, I can't image another sub $1500 front end that can touch the Quad. This is especially true if it allows you to eliminate (or sell)an expensive pre-amp.


Just out of curosity I opened the Quad cdp to get a feel of the internals and quality of components. The cdp is very laid out with a huge toroidal transformer, good sheilding and good use of quality components.
What struck me was the variable vol control. It is made up of 4 relays which switch on/off resistive network to attain attenuation followed by a buffer. The total # of steps is 32.

very good implementation of the vol control.
Thanks guys for your posts.Although i don't like the aesthetics of this unit it does seem to offer some incredible quality and value.If i didn't have to look at this thing everyday i would probably be leaning more towards this unit from your help and comments.Maybe the pictures i have seen of the unit aren't doing it justice.
Ok i have to try and find a better one cause this unit would solve alot of troubles and make life simpler.

You are correct, it is not particularly attractive and it certainly does not look like most high-end jewlery. It reminds me of my old Arcam Alpha 9 CD player which was also British, sounded pretty good and looked a bit cheap for the money spent.


Next stop Quad 99 CDP me thinks.thanks for your help everybody!!